A Random WeekDay Dinner

7:01:00 PM

Last week, I needed to do some shopping so I dragged Sis along after work! Teehee.. Decided to have dinner at the Teppanyaki stall in Wisma Atria Food Republic as we had not had this for ages! We usually frequent this stall whenever we come to Wisma Atria! Their value meal is only $8.50 which we find worthy!

My Beef Teppanyaki! 

Only not that, I even had the vegs from Sis's dish! You see, she is not quite a fan of vegetables! She only eats the leafy part! How fussy she is! I was soooo full from the BIG dinner!

Outfit of the Day

La Nouveau Mode (LNM) flowy front-tie dress, Giordano cardigan, Rubi shoes

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