SingTel Touching Lives Fund

9:54:00 AM

When the words, "Together we make a difference" caught my eyes, I smiled. When this charity fund was launched by Singtel a few years ago, I did help fold hearts as many as I could from the cuttings of newspaper. Never mind about my dirty black fingers.

Although I seldom contribute to charities, I'll still fold as I see any cuttings on newspaper. (As I am typing this entry, I am folding a heart!)

Those who will benefit from SingTel Touching Lives Fund (Click for more info):

  1. APSN Chao Yang School,
  2. APSN Tanglin School,
  3. AWWA Early Years Centre - EIPIC,
  4. MINDS Lee Kong Chian Gardens School,
  5. Singapore Cancer Society - Help the Children & Youth Programme, and
  6. Students Care Service.
This only takes a few moments of your time & it costs nothing! =)

Pardon my blur photos as I am using my iPhone

A folded heart from the bottom of my heart. =)

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