Luxury & Blessing

9:21:00 AM

My place was undergoing upgrading in both toilets & kitchen 2 week ago. Those 2 weeks might be the worst in my life. Why? I had to endure COLD showers for 2 whole weeks & I really hate it! Yesterday, I had the greatest moment of my life ever (or I say so)! Yesterday, I finally had my hot shower! The moment hot warm water touched my skin, I shrieked in excitement! I practically went "YAY!" I had a wide smile plastered on my face during the shower all way!

A hot shower is a luxury! It is a must whenever I travel! Actually, I feel blessed to have a water heater whereas some could not afford a water heater.. I am going to learn how to appreciate this luxury! It would be best if I could have a bathtub! =)

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