A Sunday afternoon

9:45:00 PM

Just came back from my lil' cousin's place which was 5 floors up. They had forgotten to bring the baby shower soap back hence I am the courier-woman.

Back to the post! 

We went to have lunch @ Crystal Jade Shanghai Restaurant in Changi Airport Terminal 3.


Love the shiny royal blue colour & the flower design!

Mum & ever-funny Dad!
I asked Dad to take a photo and he showed this face! -.-

Sister who is always glued to her iPod & Me!
What did we eat?

The crispy sliced fish was quite crispy & the fish meat soft. The pork dumpling yummy but I still prefer Din Tin Fung one. (=

Vegetables is a must-have dish! I like leafy vegetables cooked in oyster sauce! 

Fried rice with ham & luncheon meat. We did not want to have plain steamed rice as we eat it everyday either at home or outside. Hence, the fried rice.

Sis had a craving for prawns but there were no live prawns, so we settled for prawn mayonnaise. 
The prawns came with a separate bowl of mayonnaise.
If you do not know yet, my sister is quite a fussy eater.
She don't even eat pizza or spaghetti! what the hell!!
Everytime we go out, we have to pander to her taste...

Whooops!! We practically cleaned all the dishes up!! (((=

Psssstt: La Nouveau Mode is going to have a GSS post this Friday and the best thing is we are going to have a lucky draw with great prizes!!!

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