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Edited entry: I am re-editing the post... Think I got too happy for nothing... After reading the post which I blogged on the go, using Google Blogger app.. The photos were dis-organized (Don't know where or how to organize), text can't be input between the pictures...

Long wanted to try Seafood International ala-carte lunch buffet after hearing from my boss how good their food is & the price worth! Went before its promotion ended!

Finally, the day is here! Let the pictures talk!


Wide array of food on the menu!


Dish Setting
If it swims, we have it




Braised Shark's Fin with crab meat
I love to season it with lots lots of pepppper!!


Braised Mini Abalone in oyster sauce
The size is like a 50 cents coin!
Even pestered Sis to try it as she is quite fussy & I am proud to say I managed to get her to eat it!


Sauteed Scallop with asparagus
Another favourite dish!
Asparagus nowadays appears in many dishes & complements the dishes very well.
It is low in calories & sodium, and a good source of Vitamin B, calcium, magnesium & zince and many benefits! 
Source: Wikipedia


Dim Sum! 

Crispy Chicken Thigh with orange sauce
Can taste a tinge of orange 


Deep Fried Rock Garoupa with seasoned soy sauce
I usually have steamed fish on the menu when dining out in Chinese restaurants.
To my surprise, this deep-fried fish certainly tastes yummy and the meat is quite succulent & crispy!
Thumbs up!


Drunken Prawn in herbal soup
The prawns were quite fatty! Means more meat! :D


OTD: La Nouveau Mode "Fall in Love with Me" drapey dress in Magical Forest Green

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