Doggie Love

MBS Dog City

11:45:00 PM

Our "dogwalker", David & Dwoi Ji

Dwoi Ji : "So eggcited!!!"

i Light Marina Bay 2012

CBD in the day on a weekend


Dogs invading the city!

The proud owner

Good boy

The owner with the huge but obedient dog

I am tired


The owners of the amazing birds which don't need to be kept in cages.
Perching on their shoulders without any safety string!
 And who says that birds & cats can't live together in harmony!


Dear Dwoi Ji, you are cute when you are quiet sitting but not cute when you are running around the house, chewing..
Teehee! ;)

 Beautiful colors



Marina City in night


Dwoi Ji : "Wahh! The flash is too strong for my eyes!"

Us with Dwoi Ji behind the beautiful nightscape

The three guys

Good night!

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