Day Twenty - New York City (10-08-2013)

2:42:00 PM

It was our 3rd day in NYC!
The highlight of the day was Liberty Statue!


One of the 23 Street subway stations.
 You might get confused bcos there are a few stations named the name but the difference is that they are on different colored lines. 



Breakfast at a Japanese eatery!


Staten Island Ferry Terminal

But actually, this is not the place where you buy tickets & board the ferry to Liberty Statue!
We wasted about 15 minutes waiting in the long queue (it was very crowded!) before we realised it was the wrong place! The ticket counter was at the round brown building near the bus stop!


Sorry for the spam of pictures!
Actually, those pictures could not summarise up what NYC is like!
Everyone should go visit NYC at least once in their lifetime!

Looking at my pre-pregnancy figure makes me feel somehow sad...
It has been 2 months since my delivery and my lumpy tummy is still there..
I know I should not be ranting about it and showing some efforts to focus on my tummy..
Temptation are everywhere around me (I am referring to food)!


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