2015 resolutions

2015 Resolutions!

12:40:00 AM

My 1st post of 2015!!

Ya, I know I am really terrible terrible when it comes to blogging! CMI!! Teehee!!

Ok, it is time for new resolutions again!

I admit that I really do not try my best to meet my resolutions! Haha! But it is a good thing to list out resolutions so that you can have goals to work towards at least & at the end of the year, look back on them, thinking, "Really, those were my resolutions which I aimed yet I did not find any one of them familiar!" Teehee!!

1. Be the best mummy to Luzio

At least, the best! If not, then good? Hehe! I hope for my Luzio to grow up well fed & chubbier, healthier! Time to start planning for his 1st year birthday!! Stressed Liao!!

2. Start a strict exercise regime!

I still have those post-pregnancy fat on my upper belly! I read that those are actually visercal fat which is really hard hard to get rid of!!! Oh my, can anyone help me??? OMG!!

I even told my hubby to help me out on this by .... looking after Luzio so that I can go exercise without any worries!! And thinking of changing my meal times like pushing dinner time back to 5 or 6 so that I can do exercise at around 8pm! It means having simple meals like bread with ham or whatever in office!

3. Don't be lazy on my beauty regime! 

During my pregnancy, I started being lazy to do skincare & makeup... After I gave birth, it probably became worse... It's not that my skin condition is getting worse but I just feel conscious about my skin. 

Right, if you don't take care of your skin, you'll age fast! 

4. Travel

Have not gone out of sunny SG in 2014 due to my pregnancy, so I am really itching to travel!! 

Already made some travel plans for 2015! Woohoo!! Can't wait for the time to come with my hubby & Luzio!

5. Treasure time with loved ones

Being a full time working mummy indeed does hog most of my time. So many things to do especially my online store too!

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