CNY Shopping & Floral Saturday

9:45:00 PM

Decided to go shopping today for Luzio's CNY clothes!

What are you looking at? Luzio looks so baffled! Haha!

Since we were in the vicinity, we dropped by SIA customer centre in Orchard ION as we had some enquires about changes in our bookings. 

Went to 313 where Uniqlo got sell baby clothes! I found Uniqlo's baby range so-so... Also bought Ice Blended Mocha which I've not had for long time! Cheat cheat!! 

I've been trying to flatten my tummy until now... :(
Is there no hope for me? Must be hardworking but food temptations argh!!!

Dropped by Love, Bonito's pop up store since it was also in 313!! I took XS to try in as S was not available. Maybe most of us is S!

XS is too tight on me!! Cfm S!!

The clothes were of very good quality, explaining the high prices!

I like this top more than the 1st one! Bcos the first top - the shoulders feel broad due to the cutting. 

Went to H&M & Fox for more shopping! Scored many items from Fox Baby!! Lots of casual tops & bottoms!! I like!!

Outfit of the Day: Aforarcade floral top, Uniqlo jeans, Rubi sandals. 

Dinner @ TCC!!! This dish is from their special CNY promotion. The sauce is a bit spicy but nice. 

Soft shell crab salad - not too bad but I prefer the baby crayfish salad more! :)

BTW, Nassa has launched its self-manufactured Taylor Lace Dress which suits CNY & other occasions!





Back view of the dress!

Go go go to to shop away!!

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