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Lost & Found

8:50:00 AM

Lost & found??? No, I am not talking about a thing I've lost & found but a friend... Just now, on the train I ran into a friend which I had not seen since last yr? So paiseh! I was so focused in my 8 Days magazine that I did not notice her.. Only when she called me, I saw her! She was standing in front of my sister, who was sitting besides me. She even SMS me, to make sure it was me but I only received it when we started talking! Arghh.. Lousy network.. (Hello SingTel, can you PLEASE improve on this issue so that we can receive calls & SMS immediately?)

Wow! We surely had lots to catch up but too bad, it was cut short as I had to alight @ my stop... If you are reading this, do SMS me out! I miss you too, especially the others! :)

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