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Last Monday, we went to National Cancer Centre (NCC) to see a doctor who would recommend what treatment for Mum's late stage stomach cancer..

When I look at Mum, I can still not believe she's suffering from stomach cancer although she looks healthy on the surface. She does feel pain in the stomach occasionally.. Even painkillers can't help.. I really do not know how to relieve her pain..
Back to the topic, we spent almost 5 hours in NCC! 3 hours were spent waiting for our turn just to see the doc! How tough it must be on cancer patients & family to wait long.. Then, 1 hour was spent in the consultation room where the doctor asked typical questions.. 

We were given 2 options:
1) Undergo chemotherapy OR
2) Observe

Like others, we chose chemotherapy, still hoping that the chemo can prolong her life..
After a discussion with a group of doctors, the doctor came back to us.
She got the nurse to make an appointment for a blood test & heart scan before confirming if Mum can undergo chemo.

The doctor frankly told us even with chemo, Mum can only live at least 6 months - 1 year..

Time is so short for us to accept the fact...

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