The Best Mum in the whole world

10:15:00 AM

The best mum I've ever had since birth,
she looked after my every needs,
waking me up for school or work,
making breakfast for me while I bathed,
thought of us when she was shopping,
bought whatever we wanted,
remembered our likes & dislikes,
bascially she did everything for us,
we know she nagged at us for our good sake,
we are sorry that we did not cherish the times together with her,
now we are doing everything we can do to make your life much easier,
spending more time as much as we can,
do your best too for us,

Mum, we love you!

On a side note, we might be busy with taking care of mum so we might launch at least once a month as usual. Note that the supplier factories will be closed for about 2 weeks to 1 month so there might not be any launch in Feb. Thanks for your understanding!

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