11:42:00 PM

Today, Mum was diagnosed with cancer.. 

When I heard it, I was shocked & needed some time to accept the fact. Meanwhile, I asked the doctor a few questions which others would also ask like it will be cured, how long does he/she have left, etc.. I could not simply get my tears out.. Am I unfeeling if I don't cry? On another side, I might have some hopes that the cancer can be cured although the doctor told me himself it can't be cured as the cancer has already spread to some other organs..

I realised I took Mum for granted.. She always did house chores without a single complain.. Always bought whatever we wanted.. Always asked us to eat even though we were not hungry.. 

To think our KL trip might be the 1st & last family trip we took...

Whoever is reading,
do cherish the people who are still around.
spend some time with them although u r busy
spare some time to listen to their nagging

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