Cried Again Last Night

9:33:00 PM

Trying to sleep myself
Suddenly tears flowed out of my eyes
Sad thoughts came to my mind
Kept replaying & replaying
Wiped my tears away
Pushing those bad thoughts out
But I failed
Tears continued flowing like nobody's business
There are some times I really wanna let go
But you don't allow me to do so
Or I don't wanna let go in my heart
Oh, love is selfish
You are selfish
I am selfish
My heart has so so many cracks
that they can't be counted
Trying to piece back fragments of my heart together
It's very painful when I get hurt
Picking up a fragment
There are some times I feel hurtful by your actions
That fragment cut my finger
Dropping the fragment
Blood comes out
Fragments are formed again
But much smaller
Even if my heart is completely healed
there are still some scars which tell my story

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