Sooooo happy!

8:52:00 PM

GOOODDD NEWS!!!! Guess what??? I GOT A NEW JOBBBB!!! Yiiiipppppeeeee!!!! Hohhohoohoo!!! I will be starting my new job on 1st March! Just so nice that I can take a full month's pay! AND it meeets my salary expectation!!! Wooohoooo!!! I got to enjoy the last few days of freedom 1st before I plunge back into the 'hell' of working world!

On another note, I do have a veryyy bad situation which I am stuck in right now... But I hope things work out well later.. No matter whatever comes next, I'll be brave & face reality..

Thanks for reading my boring blog and I apologise for the lack of photos.. Most of my time is spent at home, taking care of Mum , doing house chores, taking her for follow-ups at National Cancer Centre. Talking about Mum, she is on her 1st cycle of chemotherapy which started last week. She has to go for chemotherapy once every 3 weeks, undergo blood tests & see her doctor on the same day for our convenience. The whole process can be so tiring as it usually takes almost a whole day. And I thank our uncle who is willing to accompany us out of worry that we might not be able to cope with the overwhelming strenuous stuff..

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