Is this called LOVE?

1:32:00 PM

I have learnt many things from friends who have gone through ups & downs in their relationships.. That's how I feel.. I don't know how to start it off..

A couple meets, falls in love with each other.. But the guy & her parents dislike one another. He even tells her to sever all ties with her family when they marry. Maybe the girl can always assure her parents who worry about her. Although they will be happy in their own world, the girl will be sad. I feel this is so wrong. From my viewpoint, if he really loves her vvv much, he would do everything to make her parents accept him until he succeeds, no matter how hard it is. This will end in a very happy marriage with both sides happy. It shows he is willing to perverse & undergo hardships for her.

Tell me, is this called true love? I always wonder so.. Anyone who don't mind sharing experiences or opinions, might leave a comment here. I would like to thank all for reading..

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