6:59:00 PM

I always believe patience & perseverance is the key to true love..
But now, I do not know whether I shall give up on you..
No matter whatever bad things you do, I'll take a big step to the door of forgiveness..
When you need a listening ear, I'm always there for you..
When you need a shoulder to lean on, I'm always there for you..
Wherever you are, I'll be always thinking of you..
When I think of you, my heart'll ache & tears can't wait to flow..
I really want to hate you but could not...
You have shattered my heart countless times that I lost count..
My heart is in pieces and pieces..
Breaking & breaking again & again..
It's so painful to piece my heart together..
I simply can't get you out of my mind..
I always tell myself that you are not worthy of my love..
But the next moment, I am still thinking of you..
My heart really aches..
Everywhere I go, I see you..
Crying quietly in my sleep every night..
I do not know when I'll be ever able to get over you..
If I ever find out you are the only one and one for me, I shall resign myself to fate...

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