Pause for a break

4:08:00 PM

The past week has been so hectic without pausing for a breath... My office is in midst of audit & the accounts took quite so long to clean here there here there due to the part-time accountant's negligence! She is so sloppy in her work that we had to do double work yet we are paying her for her lousy service! ):

Experienced my very 1st virgin time riding in a car which stank of dog shit over the weekend! At first, I thought it was vvv super bad breath coming from someone, so I asked.. I only got "NO"then realised the dog passed motion right here in his carrier! Lols! Stopped by to buy some newspapers to clean the carrier & dog.

Now, the polling election fever is OVER! Although the opposition party won Aljunied GRC, I am quite sad to see that George Yeo has to step down from his position. Basically, everybody is petitioning for him to run for President OR be in Parliament while Tin Pei Ling is ousted. Wow.. What did Tin Pei Ling do to deserve this? I admit George Yeo is a very good minister but the government can always try to find another way to get him in. Maybe she is inexperienced but we really need more people from the younger generation to voice out for us. Yes, the older generation did very well but they can't serve the government forever. Old age can't be avoided. *touch wood* I am not trying to curse them. There is a saying that old things have to make way for new things..

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