I did a good deed

8:52:00 PM

I did a good deed by making a donation in my friend's name... I just received a thank you letter from Community Chest today. =)

I read one personal blog and I agree with her that life is short and we should forget all unhappiness. By the time we realize it, we would already have wasted time basking in misery, sadness & unhappiness and missed possible chances of happiness. People, let's get on over with life and live happy while life is short! 

As for me, there are many many things I want to do but I do agree it would be a different feeling if I do those things with the one I love. But I can't possibly wait for the one to come along before I start on my long long wishlist! :P Well, I could do a few things 1st, ya! =)

On a side note, La Nouveau Mode has launched its 11th collection - Summery Colours! As well, there is a GSS discount promotion too! More details can be found in the launch post! =) Thanks for your support!

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