10:02:00 PM

My leave application is approved! Wooohoo! It means I have to get my ass off and start working on my travel plans! I know it's silly to apply for leave when I have not even settled my trip but like any other kiasu Singaporean, I however went ahead. I don't know where to start but here's a list of things I have to do:

1. Book a flight (hopefully on a A380)
2. Look for hotel accommodation (it's quite difficult since I am skeptical on my choice of hotel, but hey it does not mean I snub hostels)
3. Make a shopping list (hahas, no la..)
4. Wait for the day to come ;)

Meanwhile, I am up to my neck with work.. Really can't wait to get away from Singapore! Jiayou!

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  1. My sweet babe,where are u going?

  2. Dear babe Esther, like I said in my post, it's ..... a secret! lols! hehes. no worry, anyway u'll know soon or later!



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