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9:08:00 PM

I just realised it is extremely important to have some medical insurance for ourselves in case. As you know, my mum is a cancer patient and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. On my mum's 1st visit to NCC,  we were referred to a social worker where we were informed of the estimated charges per year if my mum was to undergo chemotherapy. 

It has been 5 months since she started on chemotherapy and now it has been about 6 sessions. Last Wednesday, she had a new drug as the previous drug which was a trial clinical drug, was not working anymore on her. My sister accompanied her together with my dad & uncle. When I came back from work, I was told that we had to pay in cash for the treatments, starting from this session.

Why not use Medisave? We did use my mum's Medisave from the start but the main point is that the standard rule is that we are allowed to claim MAX $600.00 per year per a patient for treatments related to cancer, no matter whose Medisave account is used. It means we can't use my mum's Medisave after $600.00 is reached and we can't continue on with others' Medisave like my dad or mine.

When I heard of this, I knew I would have to bear a financial burden... There's my upcoming trip and my online business... Only thing I can do is to wait for the bill to come.. Let's see how much the bill amounts to. My mum did not have any medical insurance so it is already too late to apply for one. We learnt from her case, so my dad, sis & I applied for AIA GoldShield which can help relieve huge hospital bills but of course there is some sort of co-deductibles.

Dear readers, please think of having medical insurance which can help relieve some financial burden on your family members in case anything happens to you. (:

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