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10:15:00 PM


My FAV FAV FAV salmon sashimi! Always a must-order whenever I'm having Japanese cuisine!

Outfit of the day: La Nouveau Mode blouse, Megagamie blazer, Uniqlo jeans, Love Bonito sandals, Chanel-inspired bag

Cam-whoring in toilet!

Dinner @ Paradise Inn @ 313 Somerest!


Self-taken shot when we were waiting for the dishes to be served

 Ordered their special tea. Love their unique cups!

Left: Giordano Mickey shirt, beige skirt from some Taiwan spree
Middle: Esprit shirt, Levi Strauss jeans
Right: Victoria's Secret turtleneck top, Levi Strauss jeans.

I love this sexy Victoria's Secret top very much! Ooopss.. You must be thinking where got sexy???

There you see! ˆ____ˆ

- -

I am thinking of escaping from this Sat as my family keeps bombarding me with ?????!
Aiyooooooo!!! =(

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