9:31:00 PM


FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY!!! I finally get to fly on a A380! Woohoo! I heard the upper deck is much more spacious and when booking a flight, we get to choose seats too and it's FREE! On the departing flight, there was no available window seats, so I settled for the main deck. ): BUT luckily, there's still the flight back! Yippee! When I clicked on the next flight which was back home, I prayed soooo hard for available window seat! Bingo! Got a row of 2 empty seats and it's WINDOW seat! My fingers acted quickly and clicked on the window seat to select! This is MINE!!! :P
Now, the flight and hotel accommodation are settled! Just need to settle some other minor things. Then I can wait for the day to arrive! ˆ_______ˆ

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