27 Paddington Hotel

Travelogue - London & Paris Day 1

10:15:00 PM

I was so excited that night because I was going to be on an A380 plane!!!

I took the main deck as the upper deck was fully booked when I booked online. Anyway, it is still A380! =)

Breakfast on A380

1st sighting of London on London Connect Train from the airport

Outside Hotel

The hotel building

Check-in time is only 1pm and the time was 8am. Dropped luggage off and went off for sight-seeing.

Breakfast @ McDonald's. 

Their variety for breakfast was so-so, only a few choices unlike Singapore which has lots of choices such as Big Breakfast, Sausage Egg Muffin.. 

Ohhh.. I miss Big Breakfast, especially Breakfast Supreme Deluxe.. The turkey bacon was so yummy!

Guess where??

1st sight after coming out from the underground train.

London/Paris trains no air-con and old except some lines. As for the old trains, you'll have to open the doors manually by pushing a button or pushing a lever, depending on the kind of train.
In London, it's easy to see a red button on the door so there was no incident until the time in Paris... Tell you later!
 Best to wear layers of clothing when u r in Europe. The weather in London quite cool! I love this kind of weather!


Victoria Underground Station! 
My best friend is Oyster card which is like ezlink card here!

Buckingham Palace Road


Famous London red mailbox
The real Buckingham Palace!

A mini garden

The statue which is under construction


The big red road

Magnificent sight



A close look

Lonely London guard

Guards marching into the palace

Preparing to play music

Change of Guards

London police doing his duty to protect Buckingham Palace


London Telephone Booth
Baker Street

1st signs of autumn

Camden Markets which usually opens on weekends and very lively!

Surroundings of Camden area

My hot meal from the stall above.

Rice with sweet & sour pork. The size was half normal yet I was already full from 1/4!

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