Cotton On

London & Paris Day 2 (Part 1)

10:43:00 PM


OTD : Hollyhoque knit sweater dress, Uniqlo leggings, H&M belt & hat & bracelet & bag, Cotton On boots

Good for a cool yet cold day!


Oh gosh, I look like I am yawning out of boredom in the 3rd picture!
"Trying to act cutesy" (ˆ_ˆ)v
1st attraction of the day:
London & Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge spotted when walking along on London Bridge!

Again, I could not believe I was actually in London, staring at Tower Bridge in reality!!
So happy!

On my way to Tower Bridge

The bridge opening to give way to a ship

A closer look @ Tower Bridge

Me with Tower Bridge as the backdrop


One of the many ice-cream vans in town

But I did not get to taste one! Next time, I'll try! :P

Trying to capture Tower Bridge in an artistic way but it FAILS...

Wanted to capture Tower Bridge with cars on it.

Can you see those guys in the background? They checked for any oncoming cars then ran to get ready for a jump shot.


Mosiac shot

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