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“Very often when we are choosing from so many different degree options in a university, we all hope that we can take up more than one option.
If you have this opportunity to choose between the lists of double major degree programmes that Kaplan offers, how best would you use this skill to advance your life’s goals?” 

Check out the creative flash mob that Kaplan Higher Education has come up with to coincide with the Double Major D!

 Although I am not a graduate, I do sometimes feel that I should obtain a degree but there are too many options to choose from. Not to fear, Kaplan is here to help you out! I just found out Kaplan DOES offer double major degree programmes, thanks to Nuffnang! 

Looking through the list of courses, I am most likely to choose Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Marketing (Double Major) as it would be great to have an extra skill in addition to Accounting. 

Marketing would assist me very well if I am to set up a business which is my goal. What can a business do without marketing although accounting is the most important aspect? To make consumers well-aware of a product, knowledge in marketing would be essential! A low-budget yet innovative marketing plan would be awesome to any business! 

 Kaplan emerged from humble beginnings some 70 years ago when founder Stanley Kaplan started offering “tuition” classes in his Brooklyn basement in 1938. It has since become a leading international provider of educational and career services for individuals, schools and businesses, catering to more than 1 million students from more than 500 locations around the world.

Kaplan has 2 campuses @ Orchard Cuppage & Wilkie Edge.

Now you can advance your life goals with Murdoch’s Double Major Degree and Masters programmes offered at Kaplan Higher Education on a full time and part time basis.

What are you waiting for now? Click on here to view the list of programmes! 

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