Crystal Jade Restaurant

Dad's 57th birthday @ Crystal Jade

9:53:00 PM

Had a simple dinner gathering @ Crystal Jade Restaurant @ Changi Airport Terminal 3 for Dad's 57th birthday!


Family shot!


Cold Dish appetitiser!

 Scallop with Cashews


Broiled Chicken soup


Sweet n Sour Pork with Cashews!

 Roasted Duck



At first, Sis & I were the only ones taking photos of the food... Later, Dad and Aunt joined us in the photo craze! Lol! Even I reminded Dad to snap photos before we dug in to each dish!
 You can see Kennice rolling her eyes at her mum!


Braised Pork


Fried Rice

 Red Bean Pastry



Making funny faces

Decent Me


OTD : La Nouveau Mode Relax Casual Shirt, Uniqlo Jeggings, Love Bonito sandals, Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 bag

Pardon me for the blur OTD photo! My hubby's hands are always shaky when taking photos! :(

Swensen's Banana Split for dessert!

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