Mai Thai

10:18:00 PM

On the last day of 2012, we had lunch @ Mai Thai @ Greenwich V.

We had the promo set lunch which was only $28.80++ for 2.

Happy bcos I was very hungry!

Grumpy bb


Mango Salad

Although it is not very spicy, the taste is still acceptable.


Clear Tom Yum Soup

The spicy taste lingers on my tongue and I like the clear tom yum soup!


Chicken Panaeng which is a bit like the chinese version of curry chicken but the taste is not very spicy. And it has a Thai taste.


Green Curry Chicken

Don't know why but I just am not used to the "green" curry...

Thai Dessert but i like the sugar balls!


On a side note, it was raining so heavily on that day.
I happened to see an umbrella sheltering the dog!

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