Yum Cha Garden

8:31:00 PM

No idea where to eat in Serangoon Gardens so I told Bb that I want to go to Yum Cha outlet there.
I was quite surprised when I was there. I always thought the restaurant would have a simple homely ambience but it turned out that the design was quite high-class...


 Happy to dig in because we were very hungry!
It was about 2-ish in the afternoon after we left the shop!


The congee made me so warm and I could not stop scooping spoon by spoon!


I love chicken wings wrapped in paper!


Bb's favorite bbq char siew pastry!

 I think shark fin dumplings...


Prawn Har Guo!!


Scallop, Crab Roe Siew Mai


Custard Bun!
 It seems a favorite hot pastry of everybody!

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