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8:57:00 AM

Edited post:

Been here, there & here as there were so many things to do.. Don't know if it is the wrong time or things are happening at the wrong time & wrong place? I had made many plans for my blogshop and now it seems I might have no time to see to all things. But I am determined not to let other stuff affect my plans.

This is who I am - I always strive for things to go my way and if I try and try all possible means to achieve my goals & still fail in the end, I'll concede defeat and focus on another new goal.

Anyway, I'm pleased to announce that this basic bandage top is definitely POPULAR with my customers! So, the top is SOLD OUT! 

From left to right: Rose Purple, Electric Blue, Coral Orange & Black

Should I do a backorder for this? Yay or no?

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