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Talking about friendship, we know it can be strong as well as fragile too. During our growing up, we'd have many friends, may it be classmates, schoolmates or best friends.

As we grow up & lead our own lives, it's inevitable that we drift apart away. I agree that we would have a few best friends in our whole lives. 

In my case, I have a few good friends but we rarely meet up. I am always looking for a chance to organize a simple catch-up over dinner with them. Thinking back, I always make the first move to ask them out. Do I mind? Not at all. I am quite content with my current life & what I have. Of course, if a thing is possible, I'd definitely tick that off my contentment list!

Why do I suddenly bring up this matter in my blog out of nowhere? I had encountered an ending of a friendship (I am not talking about myself). Rather, it was SUDDEN without any warning. 

I have a question: Will you give your friend another 2nd chance if she/he regrets what they did to you & is willing to change her/his attitude towards you & other friends?

I myself find it such hard to answer. It depends on the circumstances. But time will tell & heal all wounds. At first, it might not be good as you might experience disturbance (I don't know how to say it but it is something like that) from that friend. 

My advice is to leave them alone & calm down. Reflect over your wrongdoings & attitude in life. But don't hope so much for the broken friendship. Lead yr own life without that friend. It's unknown whether u two will be friends ever again. So, no use brooding over it now. Maybe many years later, when things are forgotten, stuff might naturally happen. Let nature take its course.

It's my 1st wordy post, so pls pardon me for any error in grammar! :)

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