Day Eight - Los Angeles to Las Vegas (29-07-2013)

9:17:00 PM


We are leaving Los Angeles for Las Vegas which is a 4-5 hours drive!


216 miles = 347km!
Poor our bums!


Thank God for the wonderful amazing landscape along the drive!
I could never get tired of watching the mountains go past me if Singapore is like USA!
I strongly recommend you drive to Las Vegas from Los Angeles
(only if you are considering to rent a car)

Stopover at In and Out Burger in Hesperia

Their food menu is so straight-forward! Too bad we went there too early. We saw from our friend's photos that the outlet was very crowded and staff were swarming around!


Back to the long drive after the stopover. It was my hubby's idea to stop by the roadside so that we can take photos in the middle of nowhere. He always has great ideas coming non-stop in his mind! :D
And we came across many road names which were so unique that I could not even imagine how they came up with those names!
We finally arrived in Las Vegas and our stay was at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino!


It took us a while to find the infamous Las Vegas signboard!
Andddd the Las Vegas weather is so hot! 40 degrees! 

 Our last stop was Stratosphere Tower where my hubby went for the Sky Jump!
Don't ask me why I did not go for it! :P
After that, we tried the thrill rides on the top of the tower.
It can be so scary but thrilling for fun-lovers!

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