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Los Angeles

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Well, I figured I ought to write a post about my traveling expenses in USA so that my readers who are planning to visit the USA in near future or later would have some information at least for their reference! Of course, I understand right now is not the time to go visit USA as all national parks are closed down due to the US debt default. Come to think of it, I was really LUCKY to visit those beautiful attractions!


We used Singapore Airlines to fly from Singapore to Los Angeles with a stopover in Tokyo. However, we missed the promotion fare so we had to pay extra more for the flights. :S

So, I advise if you come across SIA promotion deal, let's say it is $1,728.00 all inclusive, BUY NOW! You can always plan your trip details later after buying the fares!

Car Rental:

After talking here and there, we decided to rent a car to drive around in Los Angeles and drive over to Las Vegas as well. Because attractions are located sparsely in Los Angeles, it can take one-two hours drive if you are driving. So, imagine us taking public transportation such as bus or train and it could take more than 2 hours? So, we did not wanna take the risk of longer traveling time and less enjoyment time!

We searched for the most cheapest car rental agency online. Lol! We came to a conclusion that E-Z Rent-A-Car could be the most cheapest in Los Angeles, if not, then the 2nd one? :D

We rented an economy car for 12 days for US$400++ but upon reaching LAX, we found out that we HAD to pay for car insurance as well since we were foreigners which made it so more compulsory... So, the total bill was about US$900++.. However, the "economy" car was like a standard car, 2000cc. We felt that it was like a blessing in disguise to us. You might check the photo of the rental car here!

Regarding parking, our hotel parking was free. So, you should check with your hotel about car parking. As for outside places, you can see check the other cars and follow where they park especially the roadsides. Don't park near the red kerbs. And there will be sign notices which advise the allowed parking hours. We actually witnessed a car being towed away in Hollywood with our own eyes but we did not know the reason! We were just being curious onlookers! :D You can also park in shopping centres which charge hourly parking or full day parking to your wishes.


We booked Lynwood Century Freeway Travelodge Hotel which was centrally located between the various attractions which we were planning to visit. It also had a promotion which gave 20% off for a min. 3 nights stay. 

The room was quite big and decent. Bathroom was also great! But its breakfast sucked.. ;) 

But however, I recommend that you stay in Hollywood area if you are not driving and depends on public transportation solely. As the area is so lively in night, it would be much more convenient for you to walk around from your hotel unlike our hotel where we have to drive for one hour to reach Hollywood.

Attraction passes:

Our main focus was on Los Angeles's amusement parks! Hence, the 5 day LA Go Card which admits you to many places! We bought 2 cards at US$225.00 each and paid US$25.00 for international shipping from Smart Destinations. It took less than 7 days to reach us. We planned this trip at the last minute and did not wanna risk the trouble of traveling to the city to pick up the cards from LAX airport as our hotel was one hour away. But we only saved a bit more than US$5.00 on admission prices. Haiz! only if we managed to play at Pacific Pier on the day of our arrival! But due to the long wait for our luggage at LAX airport, we wasted time! So, be prepared to wait about a hour for your luggage to come out on the belt!

I'll list the attractions included which we had visited below:

- Universal Studios Hollywood (only on 3 day, 5 day & 7 day cards)
- Madame Tussaud's Hollywood
- Knott's Berry Farm
- Six Flags
- Whale Watch by Newport Landing

Disneyland was not included in the Go Card so we bought 2 day passes for US$175.00 each from the Disney website.

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