Day Fourteen - San Francisco (04-08-2013)

9:18:00 PM

Our 3rd day was spent walking around the town area and more shopping beckoned us in Union Square! BART train only operated in the north area known as the Bay Area but it is very convenient as it is just a straight line from the SF Airport through the Bay Area. As well, it does travel through the major shopping area in Union Square! One shopping centre (I think Westfield) had a beautiful dome ceiling as per the 1st picture! We were attracted by the name and one of our favourite US dramas, The Mentalist came to our thought! Bcos there was a scene which looked like this, we thought so. Do beware of the chilly weather although it was summer period during out trip! We were freezing all day, even with our jackets on! :(
We scored lots in our shopping spree!! We were very satisfied and happy with our loots! Thanks to my dear hubby who spared no expense (of course, I did not go all way!)
By evening, we got so hungry. I wanted to go to a certain restaurant in the Misson Area but to our horror, we realized it was not actually near, based on walking distance. We were so cold and hungry that we chose a random restaurant for dinner. Luckily, the Thai food was really good superb!
It complemented our day!

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