5th ROM Anniversary

Happy 5th ROM Anniversary!

12:00:00 AM

 My dear hubby, happy anniversary to us!

We have been dating for 12 years & married for 5 years until today.
Seventeen years together seems too long long but I find it short yet.
Like other relationships, we have been through lots of ups and downs all way.
I want to thank you for being patient towards me, your care, your TLC, understanding, support.
Sometimes, I do feel lucky to have you.
I know that I can be a nuisance at times and make you frustrated.
I ask you not to give up on me, can? :D
I'll do my utmost to be a good caring thoughtful wife towards you.
Possibly everything good you can find in me despite the bad things...
Looking forward to more decades and centuries!
 *winks* Dear, do take me around the world if you can! v(ˆ__ˆ)v

You are in my heart always,
You are in my mind always,
I see you in my eyes
My eyes sparkle
I glance at you
A smile forms on my cute face
 I love your big beary hugs
I love pressing against your warm body
My head resting on your shoulder
Making me so alive again
I love you

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