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We are pleased to announce that our old blogshop name has been re-branded new as Nassa!
Nassa consists of the last few letters of our names (Larina & Larissa)

We appreciate any feedback which could be of help to improving our basic website!
Thank you very much! *muacks*


Our self-manufactured Christie Maxi Dress in Blue released in our DEBUT Collection!


Christie Maxi Dress in the other color, Green Mint!

Kindly note that our self-manufactured apparels come with the old label, La Nouveau Mode, so please do not be alarmed if you see one!
The new label, Nassa will be used once the old one runs out! :)


Ariel Pencil Skirt in Cobalt Blue.
Available in Red & Polka Dots too!

The top, Eunice is wearing, is one of our self-manufactured apparels during La Nouveau Mode's time.

It sold very well when it was launched! 
We still have a few pieces left now!
Best is that the price is reduced from $28.00 to $20.00!


Also available in Cream!

Right now, crop tops are in trend! It is really amazing that crop tops can be matched with any kind of bottoms very well! This dainty floral crop blouse is absolutely gorgeous! Plus, the material is quite thick!

 I am glad that we had the opportunity to give a total makeover to our blogshop!
Plus, seeing those gorgeous apparels is my motivation to getting back to my old figure!


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