Day Nineteen - New York City (09-08-2013)

5:19:00 PM

Finally got to sit down to pen this long overdue post!

Ok, straight to the point!

Forward to our 2nd day in The Big Apple!

Heard many raves about ShakeShack so here we are at our first stop of the day!
It is a must to start off the day with yummy food!

We went to the Madison Park one. Upon reaching, a long queue already formed!
We, being kiasu S'poreans, quickly joined!
Thanks, my hubby for willing to do things which I wanted to do with me!
Soon, rain came but it was not heavy so we still stayed on.
I used my jacket to cover our heads.

  Their menu!

Can't wait to dig in!
We were so hungry!

Well, when I saw those buildings and vehicles, I definitely know I was not dreaming!
I am in New York City!
And sure enough, it is also a shopping paradise although compared to SG, things are a bit expensive!
But again, some things would not be available in SG!

My boy

Empire State Building

Another amazing day ended so quickly for us. :(
Got to see the city in day and night on the same day!
Both views are spectacular and breath-taking!
And the food was also yummy although we could gain some weight!
If I could choose to live in a city, I would definitely pick NYC!
Counting down to the day I visit NYC again although I do not know exactly..

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