Luzio's first bank account

8:46:00 AM

Actually, this post was written before the start of CNY... *paiseh*
Anyway, I shall leave this as it is! :)


So eggcited for Chinese New Year!!! Not for me but my Luzio who will be receiving his first Ang pows! 

It also means the start to his financial well-being! Nowadays, the new generation babies are so lucky as parents have enough knowledge to make sure their futures are not engulfed with financial woes! 

We understand how hard it is to earn money since we grew up so we won't want out children to be like us in future. However, the new generation has no problem generating income on their own now as the world advances in technology & social media. So, probably Luzio won't have any problems too when he grows up! But I hope for him to develop a financial sense so that he won't take money for granted. 

Luzio's 1st savings passbook!

May you grow up to have lots of money in your bank account with a good financial sense!

Now, my hubby did some research on banks. Some banks do provide special bank accounts with high interest rates for children! As usual, I checked the 3 big local banks. 





I screenshot those from the individual banks' website in March 2015. 

So, you know why we chose Maybank now! :)

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