MBS (04 Apr'15)

9:25:00 PM

Luzio was wondering where he was... 

Since our tenants were overseas for the weekend, we decided to stay over at our place. As we had a baby, we did not wanna disturb the tenants with his cries in night. 

Now, it was a good opportunity! Luzio did wake up & wail for his milk at around 4-ish am...

We did not have an electric airpot so we had to boil the water 1st in the water kettle. Hope he did not wake up the neighbours! :)

He was staring outside at our balcony. He must find it bright sunny. 

Hello, I am Luzio!

Was out shopping for Luzio in Suntec. 
He got bored sulky while waiting for us to be done. 😚

Happy to have our attention back!

Luzio can be quite tricky when we take photos with him! 😝

Luzio: No photos, please!

Mummy, ok to take photo with me!

OOTD: Hollyhoque crop tee, Nassa colorful skorts, Adidas trainers & Longchamp bag

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