Origins: Dr. Andrew Weil Mega-Bright Skin Illuminating Moisturiser

11:07:00 PM

*Source: Origins website

This sample was among many items in the StylexStyle's March 2015 The Little Black Beauty Box which I got for free at the StylexInfluencer party.

There were a few other items which I tried and one item I did not use at all.
The item which I did not use was IOMA Youth Booster because the smell turned me off...

Credits: All photos are taken with my iPhone. Pardon me if you find the images not good quality!


I used it yesterday & today. Will continue until it is used up! :)
I put small dots all over my face and pat it on my face. The smell is nice.


Left: Before
Right: After

After applying, my face looked so radiant and certainly illuminating!
Today, I went bare-faced so you can see how my skin turned out later at the end of the day!

Apart from one time oil blotting on my face, I still felt my skin was moisturized and not really dull!
However, the price of $90.00 for 50ml is over my usual facial skincare budget.
If I had no budget, I would definitely buy this! :)

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