RIP to our Starry

8:53:00 PM

Last Wed night, we only knew from my parents-in-law that Starry, our tortoise has not been eating for a week. Mum-in-law bought different varieties of leaves but to no avail. So, Dad-in-law called Bro-in-law who knew a vet which specializes in reptiles. 

On Thu, Micky & Dad-in-law brought Starry to the vet & it was discovered that he had a bad lung infection. He was so weak that he was not able to eat his favorite Romaine Lettuce. :(

We felt bad that we did not show enough care towards him because we focused on our baby. 

The vet gave medicine in injections & powder to be mixed with water. Yesterday, Micky gave injection. And parents-in-law tried to sun him & feed him. But his condition did not get better. 

This morning, Mum-in-law put him near the sunlight. Then it was time for his injection. Micky lifted him to put on his hand & realized that he was no longer. He could feel its cold body... Micky called me and said that he thinks it is dead....

I couldn't believe what he was saying. I tried to feel his breathing by putting my finger near his nostrils but again his nostrils were so small that I was not able to detect it. I also patted his head. He was quite shy when touched. He did not open his eyes at all even when I patted his hands hard. 

It struck us that he was really gone... We told Mum-in-law. She also could not believe it. She also tried to wake it up but to no avail. 

We did not know what to do but later came to the final decision that we have to bury it. :( :( :(

RIP to Starry. 

We are so sorry that we did not pay much attention to you & took your presence for granted... 

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