Boracay: Day One (05 May 2015)

8:44:00 PM

Out of the window on our #SilkAir flight. 

I am more a window person because I love to look out of the window & admire the white fluffy clouds & more the ever-blue sky! 

I admit I am selfish because I would only bother the people sitting besides me as they would have to get up to give way when I need to go to the toilet... 
:D :D :D

So, are you a window or aisle person?

Our fish meal for lunch!
The fish was not bad & the curry flavor was to my liking. 
Sometimes, some curry dishes can be strong that it puts me off...

Arrived in Kalibo Airport. 
The airport was quite so small that you can navigate your way easily. Plus, the way out was quite short. 
Just walk down the stairs from the plane then go to the building to get through customs & collect your luggage and walk out. 

2 telecom booths were just located outside the exit. We took the right booth as they got a signboard indicating how long the data period was & the cost clearly. As for the left booth, we tried to ask the staff but they were not really enthusiastic just bcos we were hearing impaired. So, they lost business la. 

There were also people scrambling towards us to promote their bus cum ferry services. I spotted a guy who made funny sign gestures when he saw us sign. Then he came to us and showed his white board which stated 250P for bus plus ferry but of course we did not take up his services. No way we would take up the services of a guy who made fun of us!

We had pre-booked airport transfer with our hotel at 575P per pax (one way)

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