Boracay: Day Two (06 May 2015)

9:39:00 PM

Breakfast at our hotel.

On the day we checked in, the receptionist asked us if we were hearing-impaired and we said yes.
Then, she called someone out who was like us and it was the boss himself! He and the staff were so friendly and kind!
Actually, we booked the hotel via Agoda so we were not entitled to free breakfast but on account of the boss, they gave us free breakfast!

Superb view of the sea!

Philippines is also known for its sweet juicy mangoes!
You can find it everywhere no matter where you go!

On ferry to Ariel's point famous for cliff diving.

We booked in advance for this cliff diving day trip back home.
We booked on Boracay Beach Club via Ariel's Point website.
It is PHP2,000 per pax (approximately USD45.00 = SGD120.00)
It includes a BBQ buffet lunch, unlimited drinks and kayaking & snorkelling.

Let's have a Coke first! 

Start of our cliff diving experience!

Overall, the experience was amazing, funny!
My hubby jumped all 4 heights from 3m to 15m!
My max jump was 8m which I made at the very last minute before they closed off the cliff diving bridges!

P/S: The top header picture at my blog header is the one and only 8m jump I made!

Heard & read of Jonah's fruit shake stall over and over from various bloggers who visited Boracay, so we decided to give it a try.

Left: Mango plus Avocado Drink
Right: Mango plus Banana Drink

Caught the beautiful sunset when we got back to our hotel!

It was our last night at the Spider House Resort before we jumped hotel.
Had dinner at our hotel restaurant.

Imagine having a candlelit simple dinner by the sea and the ocean air surrounding you in the darkness. Isn't it romantic?

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