Boracay: Day Three (07 May 2015)

3:06:00 PM

We checked out of the Spiderhouse Resort and went to another serviced apartment on the opposite side of the island.
It is called Karuna Boracay Suites.
Our suite is Mactan Suite.
They has complimentary shuttle to and from D'Mall which is the main shopping area every 30 mins.
The apartment is located on a hillside.


We explored the island by participating in some activities.
 But let us take our brunch first!

I shall spare you the agony of viewing our many many photos of us on the ATV.
Our guide was so wonderful that he offered to be our photographer!


We were on way up to the top of the hill where we can see the whole Boracay.


 We took up Zorb Ball at the same time but unaware that we need an extra set of clothes or swimwear! Upon reaching, we found out and I wanted to scream out "NO WAY!"
But in the end, I went ahead and wet my clothes, inclusive of the innerwear... 
It was our first time playing Zorb Ball. We thought there was no water inside at all..

But it was extremely fun!!


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