Food challenge

Challenge for April

8:55:00 AM

*Edited on 02.04.16*

Every month, we spend hundreds & the main portion goes to food like cafes, restaurants. Ya, are we not the only ones spending too much on food? We Singaporeans are on the cafe hopping craze, not to mention restaurants. Surely, we like to pamper our bursting stomachs with luxury at least once a month..

But I gave it some thought & why the heck we really can't live without luxury foods? So, I decided to challenge myself for this month not to dine at any cafes/restaurants. Of course, I gave myself some leeway - junk food. Hehe.. 

Wish me good luck! ;) 
Thanks very much!

Luckily, my office is near the food centre. 

I had peanut butter sandwich for breakfast & fishball noodles soup for lunch. 

As for dinner, I am going back to my daddy's place tonight & will have my loved ah ma's home-cooked dishes!! 😋😋😋

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