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Blue Man Group Singapore @ MBS

9:03:00 PM

BLUE MAN GROUP is comedy, theatre, rock concert and dance party all rolled into one. For the first time in Singapore, this global phenomenon will blow audiences away with their high energy show. Now approaching their 25th year of creativity, this artistic group has been a smash hit off Broadway and on the Las Vegas Strip and cannot wait to redefine entertainment in Singapore.
BLUE MAN GROUP creates experiences that defy categorisation, taking the audience on a journey that is funny, intelligent and visually stunning, culminating in the trademark Blue Man Group finale in a blissful party atmosphere. BLUE MAN GROUP is accompanied by a live band whose tribal rhythms help drive the show to its unforgettable climax.
Reconnect with your inner child, re-experience mischievousness and sheer joy, and see what fun three guys can have with 30 litres of paint and 55 mashed-up bananas in the space of an hour and a half!
BLUE MAN GROUP - enemy of monotony, remedy for boredom, promoter of overjoy and elation. Presented by Nick Grace Management, Lunchbox Theatrical Group, Sliding Doors Entertainment and BASE Entertainment Asia. 
Credits to: MBS

Selfie before the start of the show!

There were 2 led light bill boards at the top of the stage. It was their commentary like what to do & what not to do but it was quite funny because it was not normal like what u see before the start of a movie in the cinema.

I could not remember all but something about late arrivals & no selfies in their own humorous words. 

Just a few moments before the start, the billboard mentioned that we had some special guests who are normal like us in the audience, not any special VIPs. 

They started introducing those guests. One woman was here bcos her colleagues from SIA bought the ticket for her to come watch & Blue Man Group "asked" her to stand up & show all emergency exits! Lol!!

Actually, our seats were on the top 3rd floor so we could not catch the real action going on the 1st floor. Too far to see... :( so, I was not sure if those guests ever stood up as per asked? 

So, if you are ever going to catch this show, PLS get those VIP/A class seats! I assure that the exhorbitant prices are worthy!!! 

The next one was a normal ordinary guy like us but Blue Man said he still deserved our special attention! 

Even a few ex-athletes were mentioned! I wondered how the hell Blue Man knew they were here!?! 

Finally, they mentioned one woman for her headache. Dunno if it was true or bluffing! They felt sorry for her due to the loud laughing in the theatre. They asked her to imagine her headache as a cow grazing the field. A few mins later, they asked her "KILL THE COW!"  

Hahaha!!! If I could, I would roll on the floor laughing off my assss!!! 

Halfway through the show, suddenly red flashing lights turned on. Blue Men stopped whatever they were doing & went to the front of the stage. They stood on the stairs & directed the white ring light at somewhere. Luckily, they showed whatever is going on the 1st floor on the big screen on the stage. 

It was actually late arrivals! 2 women appeared on the screen & they were walking towards their seats led by the usher! Of course, they saw themselves on tv & were giggling in embarrassment! 

So, if you don't wanna this happen to u too, PLS don't be late, ok! ;)

I love the rock concert aspect!!! They have their movements! On the screen, they would state the movement #1 & show the action. Of course, we would have to follow them but not like robots! The audience was already immersed in the music, naturally leading to dancing automatically!!! It was so entertaining! But to my shame, the top floor where I was sitting - there was no action at all but rather some of us did follow their lead in silence & small actions... Haha!

Post-show photographing event!!! Don't ever leave immediately after the show! Wait a few minutes then the lead men will come out to take photos with us!!

Then we can say we have watched Blue Men in action!!! Hehe!!

The show is still ongoing until 24 April 2016! There are some promotions from SCB & MBS! You might check out their website! 

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