Boracay: Day Five (09 May 2015)

10:03:00 PM

To be continued from my previous posts:

Enjoying our last 2nd day in Boracay!!
In order to liven my mood up, I wore a neon bright yellow top! Did not wanna remind myself that today was really our last day in Paradise!! :(

Pardon my wind-blown hair! I love the wind blowing against my face & skin even although it does mess my flat limp hair up!

Breakfast at McDonald's!

Do you know different menus are offered worldwide in McDonald's outlets? Whenever we go overseas, we always check what they are offering! Sometimes, I do wish SG has this or that! Lol!

Boracay is definitely a beach paradise to those sun wind sand lovers!
It is a good place where we can leave all our stress behind back home and enjoy ourselves!

Look at the sand art - I heard that you have to pay 50-100 pesos for a photo but my hubby secretly took a photo of it, pretending to snap the wide beach!

Talipapa Market

One of the souvenir stalls.
They sell beautiful key chains like bottle of Boracay sand, turtle etc...

Talipapa Wet Market where you can bargain with the owners.
Ignore the stated prices on the board.
They'll quote you more than 50% of the normal selling prices because you are a tourist.
I learnt from my research on Google.
 Do bargain until you are satisfied with the price offered. Not of course too low otherwise how the sellers can make a living to support their family.

Look at me! I was so scared that the lobster might bite me!

We wanted to choose a restaurant ourselves to cook the dishes but the stall owner led us to this restaurant. I knew he would earn commission from referral.
Never mind anyway as we needed to eat.
Those 3 menus are theirs.

We bought 2 bags of mangoes from the old lady at one of the roadside stalls.
You could see some roadside stalls when walking along the pavement.

Sorry I could not remember how much we bought those mangoes and seafood at as it was so long ago! And I did not have a good habit of recording notes down during my travel trips! :)

Catching our last sunset in Boracay before flying back home to our Luzio the next day!


Lounging on the sun chair at our apartment.

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