Cars 2

Nuffnang : Cars 2

6:39:00 PM

OMG!! Nuffnang is giving out 80 pairs of tixs to the Gala Premiere of Cars 2!!!

Here is a sneak preview of the trailer:

A Spy is never a real Spy without a Spy name.

If I were a spy and had to choose a name for myself, I would choose Sweetieblade.

Reasons why it is Sweetieblade:

1. I am a girl ;)
2. It originated from a friend's favorite nickname but it is not revealed due to his privacy.
3. I am sweet, adorable, cute, hence Sweetie

Lastly, I hope to win so that I can go watch the movie!

Catch Cars 2 movie starting from 25th August 2011 and join the official Disney Studios Singapore Facebook & Twitter page!”

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