Life is Fragile

A Kind Reminder: Life is Fragile

6:18:00 PM

I would like to remind those who are reading this post:

"Life is fragile"

I believe almost all of Singapore knows about the Tampines boys tragedy by now.
I do admit that like other people, my eyes are fixated on my iPhone when walking everywhere, especially the roads. I became more and more careful after there were more news on traffic accidents. But I think it is increasing at an alarmly speed especially after the Ferrari car collison and Woodlands accident.

The problem all boils down to us pedestarians and motorists ourselves but mainly the motorists.
Sometimes, I don't really understand why people love to speed especially on expressways at around more than the speed limit of 90km/h. Some motorists do wave in and out of lanes as if they own the road and all other vehicles are invisible.

I do nag at my bb to be more careful and not to ride/drive too fast.

The news articles remind us constanly but however sometimes we forget and take it for granted. We pedestarians do pause for a few seconds to check if any other vehicles are still moving or slowing down to a stop at the traffic crossing although the green man is in our favor.

I hope motorists'll consider being more cautious and look out for our and their safety too.

Thank you and let's make our Singapore roads more safer for the elderly and young.

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