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Excerpted from Nuffnang:

Whether you use it for that sneak photo in the fitting room, to capture your latest shopping haul or while on the streets spotting the best outfit of the day, there’s no quicker way than a snap with the fingers! And with a camera that’s super fast and just as stunning as that outfit you’re trying to capture, you’d want to snap away all day.

We’re talking about the Nikon 1 J2, Nikon’s advanced camera with interchangeable lenses (ACIL) that boasts new levels of speed, simplicity and enjoyment. Just imagine taking 60fps (frames per second) images using its continuous shutter feature, you could capture all the movements of a smile, or catwalk down Orchard Road and capture it all!

With the special smart photo selector and motion snapshot features, photography becomes even more fun and easy. Not only that, the J2 comes in 6 different colours too so you can now look good while taking photos!

Because Nikon understands what bloggers needs the most, they are giving away a Nikon 1 J2 + 10-30mm lens (worth S$919) in the colour of your choice to one lucky winner.

5 other lucky picks will receive an exclusive COOLPIX tote goodie bag.

 Awesome! So enticing that I am writing this post now! Hope I can win the top prize as I really am in a bad need of a compact digital camera since my DSLR is too bulky heavy to carry around. :(

First, what's so special about Nikon 1 J2?

The Nikon 1 J2 , change the way you capture the world with new levels of speed, simplicity and enjoyment. Equipped with an advanced hybrid AF system, lightning-quick image processor EXPEED 3 and Smart Photo Selector, the Nikon 1 J2 makes it fun and easy to take amazing photos. The Creative Mode and Motion Snapshot functions offer additional creative freedom, so the camera is guaranteed to never leave your side.

Key Features:

1. Advanced hybrid AF system

The perfect opportunity always arrives suddenly and lasts only for a moment. To capture that moment, instant focus on the subject is essential as is high-speed focus, especially when the subject is moving. Autofocus isn't the only thing that matters either; without a sharp and accurate focus, the moment could be lost. Nikon 1 is equipped with a hybrid AF system which realizes the super high-speed autofocus so accurate and sharp that you don't even feel it.

2. Compact/lightweight

Nikon 1 J2 realizes high-quality images with an array of innovative functions all packed in a compact body. The lenses are also small and easy to carry, never letting you miss the opportune timing for a shot.

3. Creative mode

Fuel your imagination with the new, versatile creative mode. Just adjust the mode dial to the creative mode and select the desired effect from among the 8 options offered. With a few clicks, you can easily capture familiar landscapes as beautiful works of art.

Those above are only 3 of the many key features! Great! This model has everything I need! 

You can drop by to see more details on the Nikon 1 J2 camera!

It comes in a wide range of SIX colors: Orange, White, Black, Pink, Red & Silver. A tough choice when it comes to choosing my desired color... 

Here, I pick Orange because I really look good awesome in any orange outfits & I guess no other camera models come in orange color, ya?


CNY Day One outfit:
Topshop neon orange lace skater dress, Louis Vuitton Speedy 30, Rubi gold rivet flats

PS: Those photos were snapped with my iPhone 4 hence the blur images.

However, if the Nikon 1 J2 camera is mine, I'd definitely take daily outfit photos as the images would be crystal clear and its shooting is quite fast and nice! And easy and light to carry around!

Yay to no more ugly outfit photos!

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